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5 Plumbing Items To Be on The Lookout For This Amazon Prime Day

Amazon and Ease Plumbing and Air have one key principle in common—both make your life Ease-ier. This year, Amazon Prime Day kicks off on June 21st and your local plumbers have put together a list of essentials that you’ll want to add to your cart. 

  1. Hair Catcher Shower Drain

If you or someone in your home has long hair, this one is a must. The hair catcher shower drain will do just what its name says—catch all of the hair that would otherwise be going down the drain and clogging your pipes. Are your drains already clogged? Call our team at 704-893-3992 or book online and let’s put your mind at Ease. 

  1. Toilet paper

Plush or not so plush? Wad or fold? Single ply or two ply? Over or under? Who knew toilet paper could bring so many important questions? This Amazon Prime Day, stock up on your favorite brand of toilet paper and keep rolling. 

  1. Poo-Pouri

Poo-Pouri Before You Go Toilet Spray comes in a variety of scents including Original Citrus, Royal Flush and Ship Happens. In our opinion, these spray bottles are a must-have in every bathroom. Go ahead and stock up, keep one in your purse, give them out to your friends, and put them in every bathroom— you’ll thank us later. 

  1. Brita Water Filter

Stay hydrated this summer! Ease Plumbing offers water quality testing and Halo water filtration devices. But if you’re still using a refillable Brita pitcher, this is a great time to buy new filters. However, if you’re looking for a more sustainable water filtration device, give our team a call at 704-893-3992 or book online

  1. Faucet

If you’re undergoing a home renovation or looking to sell your home soon, this is a great chance to find a brand new kitchen or bathroom faucet at a discounted price! Amazon has a variety of shapes, styles and sizes for you to choose from. And once you’ve gotten your two-day delivery, give our team a call to install your prime day purchase or book your service online!