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Ease Plumbing Greenville Welcomes Jeff Howard to the Team!

Ease Plumbing in Greenville, North Carolina opened on April 1, 2021—welcoming Aaron Williams as the first Market Leader and introducing the Ease name to a new town. The Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony where Austin and Aaron were able to tell their stories, their vision and their why. 

Aaron received a warm welcome in his hometown of Greenville and he’s proud to be serving the community that he knows as home. He’s also proud to be bringing in the next generation of plumbers, teaching them the trade and sharing the lessons he has learned throughout his career. 

Within the first two months of opening in Greenville, Ease Plumbing has already bought a new truck so it can better serve its community and we’ve hired a new team member. 

Ease Plumbing in Greenville is excited to have Jeff Howard join the team. Jeff is no stranger to the plumbing business, as he had been working in commercial plumbing prior to joining the Ease team in Greenville. 

Aaron and Jeff met at a Bojangles and Aaron explained to him what Ease is all about, the company culture, the mindset and the aggressive growth goals. Jeff said this is what drew him to Ease Plumbing—the difference in the culture, the difference in the people, the difference in the service.

Earlier on Jeff was also a used car salesman so he understands the value of talking with clients, interacting and getting to know what it is that people are looking for and need at any given time. While he was working in commercial plumbing, he didn’t have that customer interaction and it’s something that he wanted to get back. 

“Being here, there’s something new everyday. I’m meeting new people all the time; just being able to interact with the customers is really neat,” he said. 

With Ease Plumbing’s focus on putting customers’ minds at Ease and offering the highest-quality service, Jeff saw that his passion for interacting with people aligns with the company’s mission to serve its community. When your passion and your profession are married together, there’s nothing you can’t do. 

“I’m excited for the opportunity to watch this company grow and become everything that everybody’s hoping it will be. And I know it will.”

When Jeff isn’t on the job site turning wrenches, you can find him somewhere in the great outdoors. He loves to get on a boat and go fishing or grab his clubs and play a round of golf—or any sport for that matter. 

Ease Plumbing in Greenville is excited to welcome Jeff to the team and see him put minds at Ease.