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Ease Plumbing Opens New Location in Raleigh, North Carolina

Ease Plumbing’s name is becoming known all across the state of North Carolina, one city at a time. And although many people know the name, they don’t know how Ease Plumbing got its name. 

“In 2018 I had gone to Iceland and met a Canadian who left me a coin, for what reason, I don’t know, but I carry it to this day,” said Austin Helms, owner and founder of Ease Plumbing. “When I need to make a big decision, I flip the coin. To me, the coin symbolizes adventure, new beginnings and taking a risk.”

I’m sure you can see where this is going. It came down to a coin flip, Ease Plumbing or Whiz Plumbing (we’re shaking our heads, too). 

“I tossed the coin in Cornelius, NC, where we founded the company, and it landed on Whiz. I shook my head immediately and said absolutely not, we’re going to call it Ease. The rest is history and I guess that history is still being written.”

Ease Plumbing’s sixth location was opened in Raleigh, North Carolina on February 14, 2022. Less than three years ago, the company only had one licensed plumber. Now, there are 8 licensed plumbers, more than forty employees, a fleet of 35 vans and locations in Cornelius, Greenville, Monroe, Winston Salem, Fayetteville and now Raleigh with plans to open 70 locations by 2027. 

It all started with a coin flip— with a symbol of adventure and new beginnings. To this day, Ease Plumbing has represented an adventure and a new beginning to so many. 

To the plumbers who always wanted to run their own business and never thought they could. To the employees who were looking for a place where their work was valued. To the homeowners who simply wanted someone to listen to their problems. To the communities who are looking to local businesses to help the community thrive. Ease Plumbing is the adventure and the new beginning everyone needs. 

Ease Plumbing’s newest venture in Raleigh, North Carolina will be led by Market Leader Dan Moore. Dan is a veteran, a licensed plumber, a passionate teacher and a problem solver. “At Ease Plumbing we look for team members who are humble, hungry and hardworking, and Dan is all of that and more. We are excited to have him as our Raleigh market leader. I have no doubt that Dan will be able to put peoples’ minds at Ease in Raleigh,” Helms said. 

The explosive growth, the revolutionized outlook on the trades, the passion for training the next generation of plumbers and the commitment to high-quality service sets Ease apart from the rest. One call to the Ease Plumbing team and you’ll feel the difference. 

Helms said, “I’m not flipping a coin anytime soon. We’re just coming to a city near you.”