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Keep Your Drains Fur Free

Mud puddles, dusty roads, garden beds and freshly mowed grass— this is just the beginning of a list of things your four-legged friend can get into this summer. When your pup gets down and dirty, you’ll want to give them a warm bath, but not at the expense of your bathtub drains

Here are 3 simple tips to keeping your four-legged friend squeaky clean while also keeping your drains clear

  1. Brush Your Dog Often 

The more often you brush your dog’s fur, the less your pup will shed while getting its bath. This is important as the fur that sheds while giving your dog a bath could potentially clog your drains. Pro Tip: brush your dog right before its bath to get any of the loose fur off before it gets in the water. 

  1. Use A Drain Cover

No matter how hard you try, your furry friend will shed while it’s getting a bath. The best way to keep your drains from getting clogged with your pup’s fur is to use a drain cover. Drain covers will catch the fur while still allowing the water to flow freely down the drain. 

  1. Keep Your Supplies Close

You’ll want to have your shampoo, towel, treats and extra towels close by so that they are easier to reach while giving your dog a bath. Keeping your dog in the tub and not leaving a trail of bubbles throughout your house can be a tough job. After you’ve given your dog a bath, use one of the towels to wipe off any remaining fur from the sides of the tub— don’t simply rinse the fur down the drain! 

The next time your bathtub drain is clogged or the leaks won’t stop, don’t go barking up the wrong tree. The Ease Plumbing team knows how {ruff} plumbing problems can be, and we’re here to put your mind at Ease! Give our team a call or book your appointment online today!