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Looking for A Higher Calling? We’re Hiring!

Ease Plumbing and Air is on the search for people who are humble, hardworking and hungry and ready to take the next step in their career. Maybe you’ve felt stuck in your job for a while or you’re looking to try something different, joining the team at Ease Plumbing and Air will allow you to reach your goals, work alongside like-minded individuals who care about your success and further your skills as a business leader and plumber. 

The average plumber is in his/her 50s-60s which is increasing the demand for skilled plumbers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of plumbers and positions in similar fields increased to 490,000 in 2019 and there is a 4% increase expected to be seen over the next 10 years. 

Now is a great opportunity to join the trades and begin a journey of financial, professional and personal success. 

While some choose to pursue a 4-year college degree, we can all agree that it’s not right for everyone. If you’d rather join the workforce immediately after high school, this could be a profitable solution for you. Rather than occurring enormous amounts of college debt, you could start off making an average of $55,000 annually as a plumber. After a few years of training that number will exponentially grow, and the best part is that you will not have college loans to pay off. For instance, plumbers in Charlotte, North Carolina are making an average of over $56,000 yearly, and the top 90% of Charlotte plumbers are making over $76,000 annually. (Source: https://www.salary.com/research/salary/benchmark/plumber-salary/charlotte-nc

Ease Plumbing and Air sets itself apart with the Neighborhood Market Leader program. This program is for technicians who want to become more than just technicians. This position is meant to give techs the feeling of ownership without the headaches of finances, marketing, dispatching, accounting, etc. As a market leader, you will use your license to open new branches under the Ease umbrella. Market Leads will receive 50% of the operating profits of their respective divisions, a lot like Chick-fil-A operators. 

Our vision is to take what CFA did in the food industry and translate that into the trades. By recruiting, mentoring and building top-quality market leads, we believe this concept will allow us to grow nationwide while creating a neighborhood feel for our business. 

It’s our job to train the next generation of tradesmen and provide ownership opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial mindset— which might be you. With a passion for what you do, the dedication to learn something new and with the right people around you, we believe you can achieve whatever you set your mind to at Ease Plumbing and Air.