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Meet The Faces Of Ease – Kahlil Yates

Employees at Ease are a dynamic group. We are plumbers, musicians, stand-up comedians, and entrepreneurs. We work hard, we have fun, and know each member of our team plays an important role in our company.

In this blog series, we want our clients and followers to get to know our team members a little better and brag on them a little too!  

Get to know our newest plumber and Service Technician, Kahlil Yates!

  1. How did You Into The Trades? 

“I served in the Army 12 years. After I got out of the military,  I was working for Michelin and   traveling from Charlotte,NC to Spartanburg, SC.  I got connected with local plumbing company, learned the trade inside out and have been plumbing ever since” 

2.  What Are Some Mantras You Live By?

“From my time in the Army I learned to listen to people to understand where they are coming from; everyone has story and an important perspective. To live with honor and great fortitude because with courage and grit, you can fight through anything.”

3. What is Your Favorite Part Of Working In the Trades? 

“The favorite part of the trade is the people.  My customers and coworkers are the best. I love learning something new about someone everyday”

4.  What Are Some Hobbies You Like To Do Outside Of Work? 

“I love riding motorcycles and I love being outdoors. Recently,  I have been exploring and hiking Crowders Mountain.”

5. What Is Your Advice To Young Individuals Looking Into Getting Into The Trades? 

“ Work hard and you can go anywhere with this business.   There is a lot of opportunity because there is a huge shortage of young plumbers. It’s fun to work with your hands, problem solve” 

6.  What Is The Top Thing On Your Bucket List?  

“I want to walk the great wall of China”