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Griffin Brother’s Property Services memberships simplify the process and reduce the stress of property maintenance, repairs and emergency situations that may occur. Our residential and commercial service partners, Ease Plumbing and Air and Viva Electric, are leading local companies and technicians, who are fully insured and experts in their trades.

Ease Plumbing, Charlotte, North Carolina
Ease Plumbing offers sewer line inspections
Ease Plumbing Greenville, Greenville, North Carolina
Showcasing the women of Ease Plumbing and Air on International Women's Day

PROS Membership Plan

Pricing Starts at $19.99

for one unit and each additional unit is $10.00


10% off any repairs or services needed
Priority Service
2 maintenance visits a year
Free Dispatch


Water Quality Test
1 time Plumbing Inspection Each Year
Check All Stops and Supply Lines
Inspect Water Heater (If Tankless, $75 Additional For Flush Each Year)
Check All Toliets
Check For Leaks
Mark Main Shut Off Valve


Fall Tune-up on Heating System
Check & Adjust Thermostat
Check & Adjust Safety Controls
Clean Burners
Clean & Adjust Pilot Assembly
Lubricate Moving Parts
Clean & Adjust Gas Pressure
Check Heat Exchanger
Spring Tuneup on AC System
Check & Adjust Refrigerant Level
Check Contactor Contacts
Clean Debris from Condensing Unit
Clean Condenser Coils
Clean Evaporator Coils
Clear Condensate Drain
Check All Capacitors
Check Filters
Check Voltage & Amperage to Motors
Check All Wiring Connections
Check Temperature Drop Across System


Infrared Testing Of Your Main Electrical Panel
Test Smoke and/or CO2 Detector
Test GFCI Outelts and Breakers
Inspection of Main Panel
Check Electrical Grounding System